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  • PCM3051S-LT, RD intelligent flange pressure and differential pressure transmitter
  • PCM3051S-LT, RD intelligent flange pressure and differential pressure transmitter

PCM3051S-LT, RD intelligent flange pressure and differential pressure transmitter

■ Metal capacitive sensor adopted
■ Wide pressure range covering 0-0.2kPa~40MPa
■ Double-wire mode, 4~20mA analog output,

HART® protocol digital communication option
■ Intelligent LCD gauge outfit with backlight
■ With both the remote transmission and the local zero

and pressure range adjustment
■ Complete varieties, high accuracy, good stability,

adjustable damping, and strong resistance to

the unidirectional overpressure
■ Ex-proof housing structure, strong resistance to 

the frequency conversion interference
■ Without mechanical transmission component,

firm and shockproof
■ The price is cheaper than that of similar

imported instruments

Applications and industries

■ Process control fields for the industries such as 

petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electricity,

food, papermaking, medicine, machine manufacturing,

scientific experiment and military aviation etc.

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China Wotian factory intelligent pressure transmitter adopting currently the most mature capacitive sensor manufacturing technology, manufactured through strict assembly and commissioning, able to accurately measure the gauge pressure, absolute pressure, flow, vacuum degree, liquid level and density

Product Parameters

Performance   parameters

Pressure   range


Pressure   reference

Gauge   pressure, Absolute pressure, Differential pressure

Supply   & output

420mA,   420mA+HART®   protocol (10.5V36V, usually 24V)


±0.3(typ.);   ±0.5%FS(max.)

Zero temp.   coefficient


Full span   temperature effect


Ambient   temperature

-3080; with LCD   gauge outfit -3070

Medium   temp.


Storage   temp.


Insulation   resistance

≥100MΩ/500VDC   (200MΩ/250VDC)

Protection   grade


Ex-proof   grade

Exd II BT6   Gb

Static   pressure range

DP 13.8MPa;   HP 25MPa; RD 6.9MPa

Overpressure   limitation

AP/GP/RG   13.8MPa; DP/HP/RD the same static pressure range

Long-term   stability


Company advantage

Mass production

We have one production center in Nanjing and one production center in Anshan with 20,000㎡plant and 170 units of production equipments. The main annual capacity of sensors is about 2,000,000 pieces.

Imported equipments

We imported 20 sets of pressure controller and 150 units of testing ovens to our production line.

Informatization management

We have the information management system of CRM, PLM, ERP, MES and DINGDING etc.

Comprehensive testing

We have our own lab and testing equipment such as lightning stroke, surging, static electricity, vibration, high-low temperature impact test and helium mass-spectrum leak detection.