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Why Choose WT Pressure Transmitters?

As a science and technology-based factory, we have been researching and developing pressure cores on the road of deep research forward, and now we have the ability to produce our own brand of pressure transmitters, using our best-selling cores, selected the best quality 316L material, and available for you to choose from customization various types of pressure head welding assembly, debugging, calibration, to control the accuracy of the pressure transmitter at 0.5% FS or even higher, and can stabilize the output to achieve large-scale production. Today, our pressure transmitters are used in a variety of industries to meet the measurement of pressure, level, temperature and all other important industries, providing reliable solutions for industrial manufacturing plants in more than 80 countries around the world.

Want to know how our transmitters are manufactured?

Unlock the pinnacle of pressure transmitter innovation with our state-of-the-art manufacturing process. Dive deep into our meticulous optimization of ion implantation, diffusion, annealing, and alloying techniques, resolving chip consistency and stability challenges effortlessly. Our dedication to excellence extends to studying critical parameters like wet etching and anodic bonding, ensuring only the finest MEMS sensitive chips are selected. Experience unrivaled reliability and precision in every pressure transmitter we produce. Elevate your operations to new heights with our industry-leading technology. Explore now for precision you can trust.

Why Choose WTsensor?

  • 18 Months Gurantee

    All the products are provided one year gurantee. If there is any quality problem for the product, we can replace or repair.

  • Rapid Delivery

    Cooperation with many logistics company like S.F. Express for delivery timely.

  • Customized development

    Supplying customized development and OEM service for the big project.

  • Global service

    Supplying perfect services for more than 70 countries and regions by our sales and engineers.

  • Technical guidance

    Supplying technical guidance by more than 20 senior engineers.

You may be interested in the following pressure transmitters.

PCM303D, PCM260, PCM1350, PCM610, PCM3051, PCM1610, PCM710 are able to meet the transmitter requirements of most application scenarios, They are used in piping systems, rivers, seawater measurement, food and beverage equipment, etc., showing excellent performance and playing an important role.