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What are the standard methods for checking the tightness of pressure transmitters?

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Today, Wotian pressure transmitter manufacturers come to share with you the standard methods of pressure transmitter tightness check:


1. Increase the pressure smoothly (or evacuate), so that the pressure in the measuring room of the transmitter reaches the upper measurement limit (or the local atmospheric pressure 90% evacuated).


2. Cut off the pressure source, seal for 15 minutes, and observe through the pressure gauge within the last 5 minutes, the pressure value drop (or increase) must not exceed 2% of the upper measurement limit.


3. When the differential pressure transmitter performs a leak check, the high and low pressure chambers are connected, and the high temperature pressure transmitter is customized. At the same time, the rated working pressure is introduced for observation.

 What are the standard methods for checking the tightness of pressure transmitters?cid=30

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