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Analysis of common faults of pressure transmitter-Nanjing Wotian

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Recently, Nanjing Wotian's staff conducted a survey visit to factories that use transmitters in the surroundings. During the interview, they found some misunderstandings in the use of pressure transmitters by some customers. Now the editor has sorted out the causes and solutions of various problems in the use of  the.the pressure transmitter. We hope it will be helpful to everyone!

1.The pressure goes up but the transmitter output doesn't go up:

At this time, it is necessary to check whether the pressure interface is blocked or leaked. If not, check whether the power supply and wiring method are correct. If the power supply is normal, you can simply pressurize to see if the output changes, and check the zero position of the sensor. If there is an output, but there is no change.It means that the sensor is damaged, maybe the instrument is damaged or there is a problem in other parts of the entire system.

2. The contrast between the transmitter and the pointer pressure gauge is large:

It is normal for the pressure transmitter to show a deviation, and it is sufficient to confirm the normal deviation range.

3Causes of unstable pressure transmitter output signals:

The wire has a short circuit or an open circuit; the power supply does not match or no  outputs; the meter does not match or is damaged; the wrong wire is connected; the sensor is faulty or damaged.

4Influence of micro differential pressure transmitter installation position on zero output:

The differential pressure transmitter has a small measurement range, and the sensing elements in the transmitter will affect the output of the differential pressure transmitter. During installation, the axial direction of the pressure sensitive part of the transmitter should be perpendicular to the direction of gravity. After the installation is fixed, adjust the zero position of the transmitter to the standard value. Whether the sensor wiring is not secure; the anti-interference ability of the instrument or pressure sensor is not strong, and the sensor itself vibrates heavily or broken.

After reading the above four reasons and solutions, have you found that when the transmitter does not work properly, it does not just mean that there is a problem with the product, it may also be a small mistake in our operation! Now think about whether there are any transmitters that we have discarded because of the above reasons.

However, if the transmitter you use often encounters these problems, it may be traced back to the product itself. In order to ensure the smooth development of your work and extend the life of the product, choose Nanjing Wotian pressure transmitter, please call 400-8508 -330, Nanjing Wotian will provide you with the best quality service, We are waiting for your inquiry here

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