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Instructions for use of level transmitter with 2088 housing

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The pressure sensitive core of the level transmitter uses a high-performance silicon piezoresistive pressure oil-filled core. The internal dedicated integrated circuit converts the sensor millivolt signal into a standard long-distance transmission current signal which can connect with control instruments, smart meters or PLCs directly. This series of products are widely used in industrial process control, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy and other industries.


2 Performance indicators


⑴ Working temperature: 0 ℃ 85 ℃;

⑵ Accuracy: 0.5% FS;

⑶ Compensation temperature: 0 ℃ 60 ℃;

⑷ Temperature drift: 2% FS (0 ℃ 60 ℃);

⑸ Insulation resistance: 50MΩ / 250V;

⑹ 4 20mA + HART protocol output

Instructions for use of level transmitter with 2088 housing

3 appearance and installation


The outline structure is shown in Figure 1. The 2088 liquid level transmitter (soft wire input type) consists of a liquid level probe, terminal blocks, protective cap, hollow wire, 2088 housing, and amplifier, etc., according to the needs of the user to choose a pointer meter and LCD meter display.


4 Installation method


⑴ Choose a place that is easy to operate and maintain for installation;


⑵ Install as far away as possible from vibration and heat sources;


(3) When installing the input level transmitter, the metal probe should sink into the bottom of the container;


(4) Put the liquid level probe into the water. It is better to be fixed and away from the water inlet.


5 Electrical connection

 Instructions for use of level transmitter with 2088 housing

Open the meter's back cover (terminal block side) and see terminal block. 

Electrical connection is shown in Figure 2


Note: If the customer has purchased an intrinsically safe system, please connect the intrinsically safe system as shown below:


Um= 250VAC/ DC 

Ui=28 VDC

Uo= 28 VDC

Ii= 93 mA

Io=93 mA

Pi= 0.65 W


Ci≈0  uF


Co, Lo in safety barrier instruction manual  Li ≈ 0 mH


The matching of intrinsic safety system parameters must follow the following principles:


Uo≤Ui; Io≤Ii; Po≤Pi; Cc≤Co-Ci; Lc≤Lo-Li


6 Precautions for safe use


 Do not touch the diaphragm in the pressure inlet of the transmitter with foreign objects.


 Please strictly follow the wiring method for the electrical connection.otherwise it will cause damage to the amplifier circuit.


For Installation of submersible level transmitter, please do not use wires to lift heavy objects outside the product;


 The probe is dredged regularly to prevent the inlet from being blocked;


Due to the wire being a special waterproof wire. wear, puncture and scratch should be avoided during the installation and use. If the above problems exist on the site, the wire should be protected. If this kind of problem causes a malfunction, it will be charged the cost by the manufacture when repairing;


⑹ If you encounter problems during installation and use, please contact our company. When the product is abnormal, please do not open it for repair.

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