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Nanjing Wotian PCM10 intelligent pressure sensor won the "IOTE Gold Award"

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Nanjing Wotian PCM10 intelligent pressure sensor won the "IOTE Gold Award" in the 19th IOTE International Internet of Things Expo.

PCM10 smart core is a new product specially designed and developed for low pressure and high performance applications.

Based on the mature structure and front-end technology of the silicon piezoresistive pressure core, the PCM10 smart core has a built-in custom dedicated digital integrated circuit for temperature compensation and correction, and provides various forms of industry standard analog and digital signal output. The analog signal has a 0.5-4.5V proportional output, and the digital signal output supports the I2C interface protocol.

Nanjing Wotian PCM10 intelligent pressure sensor won the "IOTE Gold Award"

PCM10 smart core adopts integrated structure and circuit design, which makes the product small in size, low power consumption, easy to install and use, and high stability. Digital signal output makes it have a wider range of applications.

Nanjing Wotian focuses on the production of pressure sensors. It is a heavyweight pressure sensor manufacturer in China. It has the core technology of diffused silicon pressure sensors and glass micro-melted pressure sensors. It has 305 employees and an annual output of 2 million diffused silicon pressure sensors. The products are exported More than 70 countries and regions. The company has factories in Nanjing and Anshan, headquartered in the scenic Nanjing Jiulong Lake International Headquarters Base, and the foreign trade team is located in Shenyang, the center of the Northeast Heavy Industry Base. Nanjing Wotian won the honorary title of "Sensor Application Program Demonstration Enterprise" issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in 2019.

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