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Strengthen corporate management and promote the transformation and upgrading of production lines

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Lean production line is a kind of lean tube production line, which is designed according to the production requirements of the factory. The Gaojiansheng flexible lean pipe production line is mainly to adapt to the multi-variety, small batch, frequent production line changes, flexible production line flexibility, and modular structure of the flexible production line, which can adapt to the product variant process in a relatively short time and make production timely Resume.

Advantages of lean production line:

Low manufacturing cost: The production line is assembled from lean pipes + lean pipe fittings, and the building block assembly has a short manufacturing time and low cost.

Flexible production: It can produce multiple varieties and small batch products at the same time, which is often called "multiple varieties, small batch" production.

Strong flexibility: easy to set up, easy to adjust, save space and site, make the workstation more tidy and orderly.

Semi-automated operation: The production line can be loaded with sliding rails and fluent strips, and the sliding device is used to realize material sliding and save time and effort.

Work stations are smoother: the distance between the workstations is reasonable, and the various processes are organically combined, which reduces the time for personnel to move and move.

Short line change time: The production line is composed of multiple workbenches and is easy to split, and can be reorganized in a short period of time. Strong elasticity and strong adaptability.

Improve production efficiency: substantially improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, and improve product competitiveness.

In order to adapt to the company's development and increase production capacity, the company made timely adjustments, adopted lean production lines, increased production speed, accelerated production processes, and delivered goods to customers in a timely manner.

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