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Wireless Pressure Transmitter

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PC86 Features


Ultra-low power consumption, NB-IoT network: 4G network

Micro power consumption design, battery power supply

Ultra-low power consumption, integrated high energy lithium battery, life time more than 2 years

Online monitoring

PC and mobile data applications, location distribution, device status and other information are clearly visible

Professional pressure detection

Pressure sensor wide temperature compensation, 15 years of pressure sensor design and production experience

 Integrated structure

Compact structure, integrated design, convenient for field installation

Abnormal alarm

Abnormal alarm due to excessive voltage or low voltage / Abnormal alarm due to low power in the pipe.

“Wechat” alarm

Please download “Wechat” App, “Wechat” will alarm (international version will alarm by sending the email)

Remote configuration

Remote configuration of parameters: collecting frequency/transmitting frequency/alarm upper and lower limits

Twinkling light reminder

Equipment status/abnormal condition, respiratory lamp status alert

Third-party data applications

Open database, communication protocol, provide interface parsing files.


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