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Nanjing Wotian Embedded Flush Pressure Transmitter

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Nanjing Wotian PCM350J Embedded flush Pressure Transmitter uses a flat film to directly sense the pressure signal. It uses a diffused silicon pressure core as a sensitive component and uses standard silicone oil or olive oil as a pressure transmission medium.


The measuring end of PCM350J embedded flush pressure transmitter adopts 316L stainless steel material, flush welding isolation diaphragm with special welding treatment, compact structure and corrosion resistance, which can prevent problems such as scaling, unsanitary and sticky pressure blocking, etc. For medical and food industries with hygienic requirements, pressure measurement of viscous fluids.


PCM350J replaces the disposable oil filling with the diaphragm of the pressure core. The bottom of the pressure core is exposed as the force surface in contact with the medium. The core is welded and sealed with stainless steel threads around the core. The test effect of flush products can be achieved as a whole, and it can be a good substitute for disposable oil-filled products when cost savings are required.


Features of PCM350J embedded flush pressure transmitter:

 Nanjing Wotian Embedded flush Pressure Transmitter

■ Pressure interface adopts 316L flush diaphragm structure;


■ Hygienic, anti-scaling;


■ Can measure absolute pressure, gauge pressure and sealed reference pressure;


■ Good tightness, long term stability;


■ Extremely high shock and impact resistance;


■ A variety of output signals can be selected, which can be customized according to customer requirements.


Application fields of PCM350J embedded flush pressure transmitter:


■ Medical and health, food, wine, dairy, beverage, etc.


■ Environmental protection chemical coatings, polyurethane equipment, paint detection systems, etc.


Nanjing Wotian Technology Co., Ltd., specializing in the production of pressure sensors, is the leading manufacturer of pressure sensors in China. It has the core technology of diffused silicon pressure sensors and glass micro-fused pressure sensors. It has 260 employees and an annual output of more than 200 million. There are 10,000 products exported to more than 70 countries and regions.


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