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Pressure sensor manufacturing for 20 years.

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Who We Are

Nanjing Wotian Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2005, stands as a beacon of innovation in the realm of pressure sensor technology. Recognized as a national high-tech enterprise, our journey began with a vision to pioneer advancements in sensor technology. Situated amidst the vibrant technological landscape of Jiangsu Province, our roots delve deep into the ethos of innovation and excellence. With over 400 dedicated staff members, including 60 seasoned R&D engineers, we embody the spirit of progress and ingenuity. Our commitment to excellence has propelled us to the forefront of the industry, earning accolades such as Nanjing Engineering Technology Research Center and Nanjing Municipal Engineering Research Center.

What We Do

At Nanjing Wotian, our core focus lies in the meticulous production of pressure sensors, heralding a new era of precision and reliability. With a sprawling production capacity exceeding 4 million units annually, our products epitomize quality and craftsmanship. From pressure transmitters to level sensors and temperature sensors, our repertoire encompasses a comprehensive range tailored to meet diverse industrial needs. With factories strategically located in Nanjing and Anshan, we operate from the picturesque Jiulong Lake International Headquarters Base, symbolizing our commitment to both excellence and aesthetics.

Our Goal

Driven by a fervent commitment to customer satisfaction, we endeavor to redefine the landscape of pressure sensor technology. Our mission is not merely to manufacture sensors but to cultivate a culture of innovation that transcends boundaries. With a steadfast dedication to continuous improvement, we embrace the principles of lean management, ensuring that each sensor we produce embodies the pinnacle of quality and performance. Through our pursuit of excellence, we aim to not only revitalize pressure sensor industry but also contribute to the advancement of society, fostering a future where innovation thrives and happiness abounds.

Pioneers of WT Sensor





Jianli Zhao-Chairman

Gao Feng-Director

General Manager

Wu Hualin-Vice Chairman

Secretary of the Board of Directors

Wang Xu-Director

Senior Engineer


Introducing the visionary minds behind our company, each a luminary in their respective fields, driving innovation and excellence in pressure sensor technology. 

Jianli Zhao, our esteemed Chairman, boasts a pioneering expertise in sensor head glass-to-metal mounting and mass production, alongside a distinguished career marked by numerous patented technologies and leadership in government projects, earning the prestigious title of "Nanjing Science and Technology Enterprise." 

Gao Feng, our dynamic Director and General Manager, holds a master's degree from Beijing Institute of Technology and is renowned for his leadership in production management and R&D, crafting cutting-edge MEMS pressure sensors and fostering an exceptional team for diffusion silicon pressure sensors, backed by over 20 patents and contributions to national standards. 

Wu Hualin, our Vice Chairman and Board Secretary, brings a wealth of experience as a Ph.D. graduate from Xi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology, having held senior positions in listed companies and spearheading investment and financing for national enterprises. 

Wang Xu, our accomplished Director and Senior Engineer, brings invaluable insights from Wuhan University of Science and Technology, with a notable track record in military and civilian sensor projects, including accolades like the third prize of China's weapons science and technology awards for his role in the "YJC-1" oxygen monitor project. Together, their collective expertise forms the cornerstone of our commitment to pioneering advancements in pressure sensor technology.