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Nanjing Wotian New Product—P20 Monocrystalline Silicon Pressure Core

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The P20 monocrystalline silicon pressure core series adopts MEMS monocrystalline silicon pressure chips imported from Germany to achieve international leading overvoltage performance and ensure excellent signal stability. It is assembled using a fully welded and sealed structure and filled with silicone oil under high vacuum. The measuring diaphragm of different materials can isolate the measured medium and the pressure chip while enabling the sensor to perform differential pressure signals of various strong corrosive media. Long-term reliable measurement.

The product is that the measured pressure directly acts on the diaphragm of the sensor, causing the diaphragm to produce a micro displacement proportional to the pressure. The integrated electronic circuit detects this change and converts and outputs a standard measurement signal corresponding to the pressure.

Nanjing Wotian New Product—P20 Monocrystalline Silicon Pressure Core


■Adopt German imported MEMS monocrystalline silicon pressure chip

■High precision, super anti-overload ability

■High performance, all solid state, high reliability

■ 316L stainless steel all-welded integrated structure

■Gage pressure type can be used for negative pressure measurement

The company focuses on the production of pressure sensors. It is a domestic heavyweight pressure sensor manufacturer. It has the core technology of diffused silicon pressure sensors. It has 305 employees and has an annual output of 2 million diffused silicon pressure sensors. The products are exported to more than 70 countries and regions. Can provide OEM parts for industrial transmitter manufacturers.

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