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The core component diffused silicon pressure core

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The diffused silicon core is the core component (OEM) for manufacturing pressure sensors and pressure transmitters. As a high-performance primary pressure measurement product, it can be easily amplified and assembled into a standard signal output transmitter. Applied to process control in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, aviation, medical equipment, automotive, HVAC and other industries.

The diffusion silicon pressure core is composed of compensation plate, steel ball, base, O-ring, chip, ceramic pad, diaphragm, pressure ring, silicone oil, etc.

The core component of the sensor diffused silicon pressure core

Features of each part:

Compensation board: signal amplification

Steel ball: sealing oil

Base: Carrier of pressure sensor

O-ring: sealed

Chip: Feel the pressure

Ceramic mat: filling

Diaphragm: in contact with the liquid or gas being measured

Pressure ring: Weld the diaphragm to the base

Silicone oil: conductive pressure

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