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Wotian new product-PCM9880 wireless pressure transmitter

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product description:

The PCM9880 wireless pressure transmitter is a high-precision intelligent instrument powered by a lithium sub-battery and has wireless communication function. The main application field is for the field or the occasions where the supporting power supply environment is inconvenient, such as heating, water supply, oil, gas pipelines, etc Perform pressure monitoring on occasions, and send data such as equipment power, signal strength, pressure information of the pipe network, and alarm information to the monitoring center in real time through the wireless network. The monitoring center stores, analyzes, inquires, and processes alarm information to realize signal wireless Transmission and information interaction do not require on-site wiring, saving manpower and construction costs, and helping users realize timely and efficient supervision of the pipe network.

Wotian new product-PCM9880 wireless pressure transmitter


■ Support local and remote parameter setting

■ View equipment working status in real time

■ Support NB-IoT communication method

■ Support serial communication setting parameters

■ Fast acquisition speed, high 24-bit accuracy, etc.

■ Low power consumption, parameter storage, threshold and low battery power alarms and other functions

■ Built-in watchdog, no crash

■ Pressure threshold, dynamic change threshold report

■ Real-time reporting of police information

Common faults and troubleshooting methods

Fault 1: Unable to report data

Step 1: Check whether the SIM card and antenna are well installed, and whether the SIM card Internet access service is normal;

Step 2: Check whether the battery power is normal on the display screen, if it is abnormal, please replace the battery;

Step 3: Eliminate the problem of server-side software data receiving and analysis, and use TCP/IP analog device software to check whether the server software is normal.

Fault 2: The display is not bright, the position of the button;

Step 1: The activation point of the display is in the wrong position. Make sure that the magnet keychain is moved to the POWER of the display.

Step 2: Measure whether the battery power is normal. If it is abnormal, please replace the battery.

Fault 3: Parameter setting cannot be performed

The first step: confirm whether the battery has electricity;

Part 2: Confirm whether the live signal quality is greater than 12.

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