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  • PCM710 Intelligent Pressure Switch
  • PCM710 Intelligent Pressure Switch
  • PCM710 Intelligent Pressure Switch
  • PCM710 Intelligent Pressure Switch
  • PCM710 Intelligent Pressure Switch

PCM710 Intelligent Pressure Switch


■ High precision

■ Adjustable response time

■ NPN, PNP compatible, free switching

■ Button operation, shortcut button for one-click zero calibration, fast unit switching

■ OLED shows the current pressure

■ LED for node action, easy to observe


■ Hydropower

■ Chemical industry

■ City water supply

■ Scientific research

■ Accurate measurement and control of pressure of fluids

PCM710 piezoresistive silicon NPN PNP digital pressure switch, 4-20mA 0.2% accuracy electronic pressure switch

PCM710 piezoresistive silicon intelligent pressure switch with LED display is NPN PNP compatible and free switching. Accuracy is 0.2% or 0.5%. Output 4-20mA used in hydropower, tap water, petroleum, chemical, mechanical, hydraulic industries for measurement, display and control of pressure of fluids

Product Parameters

Performance parameters

Pressure   range


Overload   capability



±0.2%FS,   ±0.5%FS

Power   supply

1230V,   24V recommended

Display   mode

OLED   display of 4 digits

Output   mode

2-way switch   quantity, NPN and PNP compatible + 420mA

Load   capacity

≤24V 1.2A

Power   consumption


Operating   temp.


Storage   temp.


Response   time




Protection   grade


Structural performance parameters

Housing   material


Medium   compatibility

Liquid   contacting diaphragm 316L, pressure port 304

Company advantage

Mass production

We have one production center in Nanjing and one production center in Anshan with 20,000㎡plant and 170 units of production equipments. The main annual capacity of sensors is about 2,000,000 pieces.

Imported equipments

We imported 20 sets of pressure controller and 150 units of testing ovens to our production line.

Informatization management

We have the information management system of CRM, PLM, ERP, MES and DINGDING etc.

Comprehensive testing

We have our own lab and testing equipment such as lightning stroke, surging, static electricity, vibration, high-low temperature impact test and helium mass-spectrum leak detection.