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What should you pay attention to when choosing a pressure transmitter when choosing a model?

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A pressure transmitter is a device that converts pressure into a pneumatic signal or an electric signal for control and remote transmission. When purchasing a pressure transmitter, what should be paid attention to when choosing a model?  Wo Tian came to talk to everyone.


1. First determine the maximum value of the measured pressure in the system. Generally speaking, you need to choose a pressure transmitter with a pressure range that is about 1.5 times larger than the maximum value.


2. Most pressure transmitters will produce "drift" after high-temperature operation. High-temperature pressure transmitters, so it is necessary to know the stability of the pressure transmitter before purchasing. This kind of pre-work can reduce future use. Troubles


3. The packaging of the pressure transmitter, especially its frame, is often easy to overlook. When purchasing a transmitter, you must consider the working environment of the pressure transmitter in the future, what is the humidity, and how to install the pressure transmitter. There is strong shock or vibration.


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