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What is a single crystal silicon differential pressure sensor

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Force sensor is the most commonly used sensor in industrial practice. It is widely used in various industrial automatic control environments, including water conservancy and hydropower, railway transportation, intelligent buildings, production automatic control, aerospace, military, petrochemical, oil wells, electricity, ships, machine tools , Pipelines and many other industries. So what is a single crystal silicon differential pressure sensor? The following uses our products to explain to you:


Take PC90D as an example:


PC90D single crystal silicon differential pressure sensor is a differential pressure sensor with overload pressure protection function. The differential pressure sensitive core adopts imported high stability single crystal silicon differential pressure chip. It is packaged with a fully welded sealed structure and filled under high vacuum. Silicone oil, different material measurement diaphragms, while isolating the measured medium from the differential pressure chip, can also enable the sensor to measure the pressure difference signals of various strongly corrosive media for a long time and reliably. The differential pressure sensor can convert the measured differential pressure signal into a linearly proportional millivolt signal through external excitation.

Performance parameter


1. Power supply: 5V


2. Working temperature: -40 85 ℃


3. Storage temperature: -50 125 ℃


4. Output voltage: 60 140mV


5. Zero temperature drift: ± 0.05% FS / ℃


6. Temperature hysteresis: ± 0.1% FS (10kPa <range≤1000kPa)


± 0.5% FS (range ≤10kPa)


7. Pressure hysteresis: ± 0.025% FS


8. Long-term drift: ± 0.05% FS / year


9. Non-linearity: ± 0.5% FS (10kPa <range≤1000kPa)


± 1.5% FS (range ≤10kPa)


10. Static pressure effect: ± 0.15% FS / 10MPa


11. Diaphragm material: 316L




■ Imported high stability monocrystalline silicon differential pressure chip


■ High precision and good stability


■ Static pressure error within ± 0.15% FS / 10MPa


■ Patented double overload protection diaphragm design


■ Unidirectional overpressure limit can reach 40MPa


■ Constant voltage excitation


■ 316L stainless steel fully welded integrated structure


■ Symmetrical positive and negative pressure, no O-ring inside


■ Small splint structure


Uses and industries


■ Core components of differential pressure transmitter


■ Core Components of Differential Pressure Flow Transmitter




1 Do not touch the diaphragm with a hard object, it will cause the separator


Film is damaged.


2 Please read the product instruction manual carefully before installation.


And check the relevant information of the product.


3 Wire strictly according to the wiring method, otherwise it will cause


Product damage and other potential failures.


4 Incorrect use can cause danger and personal injury.

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