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Daily maintenance and precautions of pressure transmitter

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The use of pressure transmitters has become more and more extensive, and pressure transmitters need to be applied in many environments. We will match the corresponding pressure transmitters through our own needs, and learn how to use pressure transmitters through relevant technical data. Transmitter, but do you know how to maintain a pressure transmitter? What are the methods for daily maintenance of the pressure transmitter?

Through years of experience in studying pressure transmitters, the editor summarizes the following points:

1. Tour inspection

Check the indication of the instrument, whether there is any abnormality, and see if it fluctuates within the specified range; for the transmitter without on-site display, go to the control room to check its display value. Check in time whether there is debris around the instrument or whether there is dust on the surface of the instrument, and remove and clean it in time. Whether there is any leakage between the instrument and the system interface, the pressure guiding tube and each valve.

Daily maintenance and precautions of pressure transmitter

2. Regular inspection

For some appearances that do not need to be checked every day, check regularly at intervals. Regular zero check. For the transmitter in use, no matter how short the inspection time is, it is still necessary to change the automatic control to manual control so as not to affect the operation of the controlled equipment. Regularly check that the transmitter components are intact, are not severely corroded or damaged; the nameplate and identification are clear and correct; the fasteners must not be loose, the connectors are in good contact, and the terminal wiring is firm. Regularly measure the circuit on site, including whether the input and output circuits are intact and the circuit Whether there is disconnection, short circuit, insulation reliability, etc.

Precautions for using pressure transmitter:

1. Prevent dross from depositing in the pipe and the transmitter from contact with corrosive or overheated media.

2. When measuring gas pressure, the pressure port should be opened at the top of the process pipeline, and the transmitter should also be installed on the upper part of the process pipeline so that the accumulated liquid can be easily injected into the process pipeline.

3. When measuring the liquid pressure, the pressure tap should be opened on the side of the process pipeline to avoid slag deposits.

4. The pressure guiding tube should be installed in a place with small temperature fluctuations.

5. When measuring the liquid pressure, the installation position of the transmitter should avoid the impact of the liquid to avoid damage to the transmitter over pressure.

6. When freezing occurs in winter, the transmitter installed outdoors must take anti-freezing measures to prevent the liquid in the pressure inlet from expanding due to icing and causing the loss of the transmitter.

7. When wiring, pass the cable through the waterproof connector or flexible tube and tighten the sealing nut to prevent rainwater from leaking into the transmitter housing through the cable.

8. When measuring steam or other high-temperature media, a condenser such as a buffer tube should be connected, and the working temperature of the pressure transmitter should not exceed the limit.

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