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Failure analysis of integrated temperature transmitter

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A temperature transmitter is an instrument that converts a temperature variable into a standardized output signal that can be transmitted. It is mainly used for the measurement and control of industrial process temperature parameters.

Failure analysis of integrated temperature transmitter

The processing of temperature faults is not only the analysis of fault phenomena, but also a systematic analysis, including: temperature circuit design, thermometer selection, thermometer installation, wiring laying, thermometer use time, temperature failure occurrence times, thermometer use environment, human factors, Weather factors, etc., due to the failure phenomena they produce are variously combined with each other, and the methods and processes for handling failures are also different.

There may be various causes of the same failure phenomenon, the following editor will give you an example to analyze it in detail:

Example: Low temperature indication

Analysis: This failure may be caused by insufficient insertion depth of the thermometer, water entering the temperature sleeve, and high temperature range setting. We analyze the trend of the low temperature indication in the following three aspects:

(1) View historical trend The temperature measurement point is always lower than other temperature measurement points. This shows that the low temperature display point for a long time may be caused by incorrect installation. After the measurement, the temperature resistance value on the site is low, and the temperature detection element is found to be short, which causes a low temperature indication fault. Troubleshooting, the indication is normal after replacing the long temperature element.

(2) Check the historical trend. The temperature is suddenly low and gradually rises gradually, and other temperature measurement points are displayed normally. It shows that this trend phenomenon is consistent with the phenomenon of water entering into the thermometer. Troubleshooting, the temperature indicator indicates normal after drying.

(3) There is no indication of the fault breakpoint when viewing the historical trend temperature, and the display is lower than normal after five minutes. The displayed value is low for a period of time after the temperature has failed, and there are fault breakpoints. It may be repaired by the maintenance staff. After checking the scene, the maintenance staff did not change the temperature transmitter range in time and the temperature display was low . After troubleshooting, it is normal to change the temperature transmitter range to be consistent with DCS. The analysis and guessing based on the above three low temperature fault trend records may be in accordance with the cause of the fault phenomenon, and targeted inspections and troubleshooting can reduce the number of labors by turning around and running procedures.

There are multiple phenomena for the same failure cause, and there are multiple factors at the same time, and targeted failure treatment can prevent the failure from occurring again and reduce the number of repairs.

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