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Inspection work of pressure transmitter before leaving factory

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Regardless of the product, the corresponding inspection should be done before it leaves the factory. This not only guarantees the quality of the manufactured products, but is also an important measure for manufacturers to maintain their own quality brands. Then, for a common instrument such as a pressure transmitter, it is precisely because of its wide range of use that it is necessary to emphasize the importance of factory inspection.

Although there are differences in the accuracy levels of pressure transmitters, they are generally classified as precision products. At the same time, because it belongs to a kind of electronic communication products. Therefore, before it is put into formal use, relevant inspection work must be done, and only qualified ones can be put on the market. So, what factory inspections do pressure transmitters put into the market need to go through?

1. Check the pressure type and pressure value required by the pressure transmitter

Generally speaking, when selecting the pressure range, we should try to choose a transmitter that is 1.5 times larger than the maximum value. The main reason is that if it is to measure the water pressure, due to its own volatility, this instantaneous fluctuation is very likely to cause great damage to the pressure sensor. In this case, we can use the buffer device for pressure relief. Although it has a buffering effect on the generation of instantaneous pressure, it also has a drawback, that is, it will adversely affect the response speed of the pressure transmitter.

2. Check the accuracy of the pressure transmitter

There are many factors that affect the accuracy of the transmitter, the common ones mainly include operating temperature, non-linearity, non-repeatability and so on. Among them, the most decisive factor are the three major elements such as non-repetitiveness. Of course, one thing to understand is that the accuracy level of a pressure transmitter is directly related to its price level. The higher the accuracy, the higher its price level.

3. Check the stability of the transmitter

The main factors that affect the stability of the pressure transmitter are: zero drift, the size of the temperature compensation range, and so on. Once the zero drift phenomenon occurs or the temperature compensation range is exceeded, it will cause all kinds of troubles during the use of the transmitter. Special attention should be paid to the detailed inspection of the pressure transmitter's structure and other installation parts before leaving the factory. 


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