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Internal Structure of Diffuse Silicon Pressure sensor

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Diffuse silicon pressure sensor is the core component for manufacturing pressure sensors and transmitters. Taking Nanjing Wotian diffusion silicon pressure core as an example, I will talk about the internal structure of the diffuse silicon pressure sensor.

Tip: Internal Structure of Diffuse Silicon Pressure sensor

Diffuse silicon pressure sensor is composed of compensation plate, steel ball, base, O-ring, chip, ceramic pad, diaphragm, pressure ring, silicon oil, etc.

In the structure in figure, each part has a corresponding role and characteristics


Compensation board: signal amplification


Steel ball: sealing oil


Base: the carrier of the pressure sensor


O-ring: sealed


Chip: Feeling Stress


Ceramic Mat: Filled


Diaphragm: contact liquid or gas for measurement


Pressure ring: welding the diaphragm to the base


Silicon oil: conductive pressure


The above is about the structure and function of Nanjing Wotian pressure sensor. If you have some words, welcome to talk with the editor.

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