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Monocrystalline silicon differential pressure sensor manufacturer

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PC90D monocrystalline silicon differential pressure sensor is a differential pressure sensor with overload pressure protection function. The differential pressure sensitive core adopts imported high-stability monocrystalline silicon differential pressure chip, which is packaged with a fully welded and sealed structure, and is filled under high vacuum. Silicon oil and measuring diaphragms of different materials can isolate the measured medium from the differential pressure chip, and at the same time enable the sensor to perform long-term and reliable measurement of the differential pressure signals of various highly corrosive media. The differential pressure sensor can convert the measured differential pressure signal into a millivolt signal linearly proportional to it through external excitation.

Monocrystalline silicon differential pressure sensor manufacturer


■ Imported high stability monocrystalline silicon differential pressure chip

■ High precision and good stability

■ Static pressure error within ±0.15%FS/10MPa

■ Patented double overload protection diaphragm design

■ One-way overpressure limit can reach 40MPa

■ Constant voltage excitation

■ 316L stainless steel all-welded integrated structure

■ Symmetrical positive and negative pressure, no O-ring inside

■ Small splint structure


PC90D single crystal silicon differential pressure sensor is the core component of differential pressure transmitter and differential pressure flow transmitter.

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Nanjing Wotian Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2005. It is a national high-tech enterprise, a private technology enterprise in Jiangsu Province, a specialized small and medium-sized enterprise in Nanjing, an outstanding private enterprise in Jiangning District; the company has been assessed as Nanjing Engineering Technology Research Center, Nanjing Municipal Engineering Research Center, Nanjing Enterprise Technology Center, Nanjing Post-Doctoral Innovation Demonstration Base; It is a unit that participates in the formulation of national standards for "Silicon Piezoresistive Pressure Sensitive Chips" and "Silicon-based Pressure Sensors".

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