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Pressure transmitter for measuring corrosive media

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The pressure transmitter adopts a fully welded pressure core and a micro-amplifier processing circuit. The zero range can be shifted. Its installation interface form can be processed according to user requirements, and specifications compatible with other brand transmitters can be provided. This series of products are widely used in industrial process control, hydraulic equipment, chemical and other industries. The product has obvious advantages in the harsh environment of the industrial site, and its protection level reaches IP67.

Pressure transmitters are widely used, such as petroleum, chemical, textile, food, pharmaceutical, paper, environmental protection, and water supply and drainage. It can be said to be ubiquitous. Generally, pressure transmitters are used to measure pressure. If the medium in the pipeline is corrosive, it can also be measured. It is just a different model of pressure transmitter. Today we come to science It can measure corrosive media in all pipelines.

Pressure transmitter for measuring corrosive media

If the medium in the pipeline is corrosive, it depends on the medium, such as acid, alkali, sewage with acid and alkali, if it is not corrosive, you can directly use the 2088 diffusion silicon pressure transmitter, This kind of threaded material is 304 stainless steel. If it is more corrosive, a diaphragm pressure transmitter can be used, which can directly contact the corrosive medium. Therefore, when we choose a suitable pressure transmitter, we must first confirm what medium in the pipeline, and then we can determine what type of pressure transmitter to choose.

If there are some special corrosive media, we must select pressure transmitters in a targeted manner. We must not think that pressure transmitters can measure all corrosive media. This understanding is wrong. Some corrosive media are particularly large. , We can be lined with PTFE, so as to prevent corrosive damage to the pressure transmitter. Play a double isolation role.

Any pressure transmitter is not universal, we must first confirm that its corrosive components are not large, and then select the pressure transmitter, such a pressure transmitter can measure corrosive media for a long time, continuous operation . 

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