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What is a temperature transmitter

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1.What is a temperature transmitter

A temperature transmitter is an instrument that converts a temperature variable into a standardized output signal that can be transmitted. It is mainly used for the measurement and control of industrial process temperature parameters.

What is a temperature transmitter

2. Composition of temperature transmitter

Transducers with sensors usually consist of two parts: a sensor and a signal converter. The sensor is mainly a thermocouple or a thermal resistor; the signal converter is mainly composed of a measuring unit, a signal processing and a conversion unit (because industrial thermal resistance and thermocouple index meters are standardized, the signal converter is also called Transmitter), some transmitters have added display unit.

Petroleum, chemical, chemical fiber; textile, rubber, building materials; electric power, metallurgy, medicine; food and other industrial field temperature measurement process control; especially suitable for computer measurement and control system, can also be used with instruments.

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