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Wotian pressure sensor is cost-effective and trustworthy!

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We Honeywell's purchased pressure sensors have always been customized by Wotian. Wotian has 15 years of sensor manufacturing experience, 10 years of export service experience. Wotian builts a 20,000 m2 production base, sets up two large factories in Nanjing and Anshan, and has a production team of 270 people. The annual production capacity is up to 2 million pieces. It has advantage of large-scale production, large production capacity and fast lead time. More than 40 R&D technicians are familiar with all kinds of industrial control fields. With the deep technology, products can be customized. The self-owned laboratory conducts comprehensive test tests on the pressure sensor for power aging, EMC battery capacitance, vibration test bench, temperature drift, etc. The whole inspection process improves product durability. After-sales service is also very good. More than 20 technical service personnel do installation, commissioning, testing and guidance, which is convenient and fast. Wotian is trustworthy! We would like to continue to work with them for a long time!

Wotian pressure sensor is cost-effective and trustworthy!